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Troubleshooting Bombardier Global Erroneous ADC Issues

February 2023

Image (1).pngDuncan Aviation recently assisted a Global Express* operator experiencing erroneous mismatched ADC (air data computer) display issues. Before arriving, he had the boxes swapped, tested, and measured several times with no resolution. These stated symptoms led our technicians to inspect the pitot-static probes. Once replaced, the mismatched ADC issues went away.

We have seen these ADC probe issues on the Global Express, Global 5000, and Global 6000.

Bombardier SmartFix Plus

There are other conditions that can cause mismatched ADC readings. Bombardier has issued an Advisory Wire (REFERENCE NO: AW700-34-0508, Rev. 02) with additional SmartFix Plus troubleshooting procedures to assist operators. These documents can be found on my.businessaircraft.bombardier.com

**Trademarks of Bombardier Inc. or its subsidiaries.