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UPDATE: Gulfstream Water Line Ribbon Heater Upgrade

April 2011
GIV Water Line Ribbon Heater burns

GIV serial numbers 1000-1499 must complete CB194A or ASC 469 Water Line Ribbon Heater Upgrade by September 4, 2011. As we move closer to the deadline, demand is higher and parts are not as readily available as they were just a few months ago. Based on our customer network, we estimate that approximately 30-35% of the fleet has not yet complied with this mandate. Consequently, we believe that the demand and lead time for parts will increase significantly throughout this spring and summer.

Since each modification is unique to the configuration of the aircraft, the parts cannot be pre-ordered. The best way to minimize parts availability issues is to plan early and combine the ASC with a maintenance event. If you wait until August or September, it would be best to plan for a longer downtime.

The experts at Duncan Aviation recommend completing ASC 469 instead of just CB194A because the aircraft will not be subject to Chapter 5 recurring inspection requirements and the reoccurring cost with unnecessary access and inspections.

GV serial numbers 501-619 must also complete the Water Line Ribbon Heater Assembly Inspection at the next 48 month inspection or comply with ASC 173 Water Line Ribbon Heater Upgrade as the terminating action.

For more information on this ASC, please contact Doug Donahue.