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Duncan Aviation Satellite Support – Teterboro

Located a mere 12 miles from mid-town Manhattan, Teterboro Airport is a general aviation hub. Duncan Aviation’s Satellite Repair Station has been located at Teterboro Airport for 32 years and is located within the Meridian hangar.

The Duncan Aviation Satellite known for its avionics installations and repairs, avionics line maintenance, and avionics support services. In response to customer requests for additional services at the level of expertise Duncan Aviation teams are known for, the Teterboro Satellite added airframe maintenance support at the beginning of 2022.

Duncan Aviation-Teterboro Services:

  • Full avionics line
  • Avionics installations
  • Oxygen and Nitrogen
  • Oil/hydraulic
  • Select airframe repairs
  • Emergency battery services coordinated through Duncan Aviation-Morristown
485 Industrial Ave
Suite 228
Teterboro, NJ 07608
+1 201.288.1550