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Straight Talk About Cabin Management Systems

Over the past few years there has been an explosion of new and exciting Cabin Management System (CMS) entertainment and control options for business aircraft. Owners and operators are being flooded with aircraft CMS options promising speed and ease of use. It is becoming harder to completely grasp all that is available and will be available in the near future.

We field questions daily on cabin management and entertainment, so we developed this booklet to serve as a guide to those wishing to understand more deeply all that a cabin management system entails.

While there are almost endless combinations of CMS equipment that can be selected and installed, this booklet will cover the most common equipment requested by our customers and give a simple explanation of what equipment is available and how it can benefit your aircraft’s cabin systems.

At Duncan Aviation, we pride ourselves by being on the cutting edge of all avionics technology, and the subject of cabin management and entertainment is no diffƒerent. We have conducted a large amount of research to develop the most valuable information we can provide. Duncan Aviation acknowledges the FAA Engineering and Safety Groups, Aircraft Electronics Association and the avionics manufacturers who are working on the products to make your flying safer, easier and enjoyable.

As always, we look to improve ourselves and our knowledge. Feel free to contact our avionics experts to answer any of your CMS questions and talk about your challenges when the subject arises.

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