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Straight Talk About NextGen

NextGen is a term we hear almost daily. We want our customers to know what it encompasses and its relationship to other initiatives in and outside of the United States. The time for questions is mostly past, and we’re now focusing on helping our customers understand what equipment is available. Retrofitting business aircraft with NextGen-compatible equipment is a significant investment, and we want to get as much information in front of our customers as possible. To an extent, every aircraft in US airspace will be affected, and we want to arm you with the right information so you can make informed decisions.

There is much to understand on the topic of NextGen. We believe our efforts to find and condense this information should address many of your concerns. This Straight Talk book gives an overview of NextGen, providing a simple explanation of the many systems, standards, and policies and procedures that will ensure safe and efficient aircraft operations in the future.

We believe Duncan Aviation is on the cutting edge of all avionics technology, and the subject of NextGen is no different. We have thoroughly researched the topic and talked with hundreds of customers to develop the most valuable information we can provide.

There are a number of subjects and systems that fall under the auspices of NextGen. We realize that you may want a more detailed explanation of some of these concepts and technologies. Therefore, we have created other Straight Talk books specific to a number of them. Visit to see our complete collection.

Duncan Aviation acknowledges the FAA Engineering and Safety Groups, Aircraft Electronics Association, and the avionics manufacturers who are working on the products to make your flying safer and easier. As always, we look to improve ourselves and our knowledge. Feel free to contact our avionics experts to answer any of your questions and talk about your challenges as the need arises.

Duncan Aviation continuously strives to be the voice of clarity in the acronym-happy aviation industry. Our free Straight Talk books are an aircraft operator's source for information about important topics in business aviation, and are written in clear, concise, no-nonsense language.

Since the 1990s, we have been publishing Straight Talk books to address complicated avionics mandates and other industry initiatives. Our goal is to educate customers so they can make the most informed decisions possible for their aircraft, passengers and company. Authored by Duncan Aviation’s technical experts, operators can call and speak with these experts anytime they wish for clarification for more information.

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