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Straight Talk About WAAS/LPV

September 2007 stands out in business aviation as the month the FAA commissioned Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) GPS systems for use in the United States for IFR approaches. This long-awaited upgrade to GPS satellite navigation is a critical step in the FAA’s NextGen plans. According to current FAA plans, no new ILS or VOR/NDBs will be developed. WAAS GPS approval opens up nearly all of the U.S. public use airports for precision approaches. The FAA Flight Inspection Group is processing approximately 300 runway thresholds each year. Currently, there are more than 1,800 approaches at non-ILS airports in 2009, with more to come.

Approving the WAAS GPS system is only one piece of the process that is required to make the system of use to you, the business aviation operator. Each of the subsequent topics will be covered in this booklet, including:

  • The WAAS equipment selection and installation.
  • The approval process for the WAAS equipment in the aircraft (STC required).
  • The operational approval process.
  • Overview of the airport approval process.

Much has been written on the WAAS GPS topic and is available online. We believe our efforts in finding and condensing this information should address many of your concerns on installing and using WAAS GPS in your aircraft.

Duncan Aviation acknowledges the FAA WAAS Groups, the FAA Engineering and Safety Groups, Raytheon Corporation as the provider of the ground infrastructure and the Avionics Manufacturers who are working on the products to make your flying safer, easier and affordable.

WAAS equipment is available now for your aircraft. Check out the latest list of LPV approaches and you will find that you now have access to new and better approaches at more airports.

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