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Duncan Aviation Aftermarket Warranty Programs

Avionics and ECS (Environmental Control Systems) failures are unexpected and expensive with maintenance and repair easily costing thousands of dollars. Aftermarket warranty programs for avionics and ECS offer a fixed-price guarantee that will help to avoid unnecessary downtime and control expenses.

Available Aftermarket Warranty Programs

CASP (Collins Aerospace Corporate Aircraft Service Program)
  • Provides full coverage and support for all Rockwell Aerospace equipment
MSP Avionics (formerly known as HAPP)
  • Provides full coverage for all Honeywell Avionics
MSP Mechanical (formerly know as MPP)
  • Provides protection for your environmental and cabin pressure control systems
Flight Assure (Universal Avionics)
  • Provides full coverage and support for all Universal Avionics equipment

Key Advantages

  • Fixed Annual Cost
  • No buy-in or initiation fees
  • Coverage is immediate
  • Free overnight exchange delivery
  • Plans are transferable with aircraft sales
  • Programs are platform-specific
  • Customized Fleet Programs (discounts available)

Benefits of Duncan Aviation

  1. There are 30 Duncan Aviation locations within 150nm of the top 100 busiest business jet airports in the United States.

  2. We will waive all program service fees at any Duncan Aviation location, if you purchase the warranty contract from us.

  3. Because the warranty protection plan is customized to aircraft’s platform, it is important to have an accurate avionics inventory. We will work with you to ensure the plan is written properly in accordance to your aircraft and its systems.

Duncan Aviation Aftermarket Warranty Administrator

Maria Tvrdy Supervisor-Parts & Rotables Sales Lincoln, NE (LNK) +1 402.470.4622

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