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New FDR & CVR Service

Duncan Aviation and KGB Aviation Solutions are pleased to announce that the two companies have teamed up to provide a new data analysis service for FDRs (Flight Data Recorders) and CVRs (Cockpit Voice Recorders). For years, KGB has been manufacturing equipment that downloads data from most FDRs, analyzes it, and provides a comprehensive report of the anomalies found. Duncan Aviation has acquired the necessary equipment and will now be using the new, streamlined KGB Aviation Solutions DART (Data Acquisition Retrieval Tool) in order to provide this necessary service to its customers.

Using the DART, Duncan Aviation will now offer the download and data analysis services to all of its customers at its full-service facilities (Battle Creek, Michigan; Lincoln, Nebraska; and Provo, Utah) and most of its 26 Satellite Avionics Shops located throughout the United States. Taking advantage of KGB’s web portal, encrypted data automatically and securely transfers from the DART to KGB Aviation for analysis.

Once analyzed, KGB Aviation sends the reports to the Duncan Aviation team to share with customers. Based on the results of the analysis, Duncan Aviation’s technicians are able to help troubleshoot and fix any of the anomalies mentioned in the report. The reports provide insight into the integrity of the FDR and CVR systems’ recording abilities, and data is presented in accordance with whatever rules the customer is flying under, such as FAR (Federal Aviation Regulation) 91 or 135, CAR (Canadian Aviation Regulation) 625, EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency), ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), and more.

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