Specialized Services

At Duncan Aviation, we have invested millions of dollars in tools, equipment, and resources on comprehensive backshop capabilities. These specialized services allow us to efficiently provide aviation maintenance services with greater control over quality, pricing and downtime. They also provide other service providers with a great resource for these specialized capabilities.

Calibration Services

Duncan Aviation’s Calibration Services is an ISO/IEC17025 accredited calibration lab (A2LA cert# 3908-01) that uses NIST traceable standards to calibrate measuring and test equipment. We perform calibrations for different industries and specialize in aviation measuring tools. Bring your tools with you the next time your aircraft is serviced by Duncan Aviation. They will be calibrated and ready for use when you are ready to leave.

For a complete list of our calibration capabilities, download the Duncan Aviation Calibrations Fact Sheet.

NDT (Nondestructive Testing)

The Duncan Aviation Nondestructive Testing team can test nearly every surface of an aircraft and a near limitless list of materials. Following a strict, established protocol, every piece of equipment is calibrated to the exact test and material surface. Specialized probes increase their capabilities of accurately testing any size or shaped surface whether on the exterior of the aircraft or housed inside.

For a complete list of our NDT capabilities and certifications, download the Duncan Aviation NDT Fact Sheet.

PMA Parts Fabrication

Duncan Aviation has more than 75 available PMAs. Search our online PMA library to find a solution for you aircraft or make a PMA request.

For a complete list of our PMA parts fabrication capabilities, download the Duncan Aviation PMA Parts Fabrication Fact Sheet.

Welding & Machining

Duncan Aviation’s Welding and Machine shop has more than 176 years of experience providing high quality and precision services. From prototype to production, they are able to design, fabricate, and finish any project to specification.

For a complete list of our welding and machining capabilities, download the Duncan Aviation Welding & Machining Fact Sheet.