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Bombardier Inspections | Benefits Of A One-Stop-Shop

All three of Duncan Aviation's MRO locations in Battle Creek, Michigan (BTL), Lincoln, Nebraska (LNK); and Provo, Utah (PVU), are experienced Bombardier service facilities.

Global airframe services include 15M, 30M, 60M, 120M, 180M, and 240M inspections. We also offer hourly, calendar and special inspections, including in-house 3,000 Hour detailed inspection and borescope inspections.

Challenger capabilities include all hourly, calendar, landing, special inspections, and repairs on all variants of Bombardier CL-600 2B16 and BD-100-1A10.

Duncan Aviation also has capabilities for all hourly, calendar and special inspections and repairs on all Bombardier Learjet models.

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Duncan Aviation cares for the well-being of our team members and customers. This video was taken over a broad period of time and company COVID-19 procedures evolved.

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