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Custom Bonanza Paint Job

Little Plane - BIG Statement Duncan Aviation has a Bonanza based at our Michigan facility. As anyone who is familiar with Duncan Aviation-owned aircraft, we generally like paint schemes that are far from the typical white base and conservative stripes. So when the Bonanza needed new paint, we decided to make a statement by applying different icons that represent the different services we provide to the business aviation community. The scheme was designed by Kaela Paseka, the Project Manager/Art Director in Duncan Aviation’s Marketing Communications department, and painstakingly applied by the paint experts in Battle Creek, Michigan. Art placement was fine-tuned on-the-fly so details like ensuring the aircraft’s door handle was placed in the center of the engine icon were spot-on. “The paint team produced an intricate piece of art in this aircraft,” says Kris Lash, Paint Department Scheduler. “From the outset of this project, everyone involved put their heads together to determine the best course of action and then put that plan into practice. With the complexity of the scheme, it was important they work as a team and have good communication. They did just that, proving once again that you can make a big statement with a little aircraft. This will certainly be a head-turner wherever it goes.”

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