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Worldwide Services

Duncan Aviation is the largest privately owned business jet service provider in the world. With complete Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) service offerings at three beautiful US facilities, strategically placed regional shops, and mobile technical teams able to provide services worldwide, we help business aircraft operators across the globe get the most value from their aircraft ownership.

The Duncan Aviation name is well-known and respected by owners, operators and managers of business aircraft, business jet manufacturers, and other aircraft service providers around the world. We have a strong reputation for providing premier services at a great value while delivering aircraft on time.

Our services include airframe & engine maintenance, avionics installations, interior & paint completions/modifications, avionics/instrument/accessory repairs & overhauls and parts support for aircraft manufactured by Bombardier, Dassault, Textron, Gulfstream and Embraer. Our avionics satellites and engine Rapid Response teams provide avionics and engine services in the field for scheduled and AOG work. And our parts and components teams give 24/7/365 support worldwide. We also provide complete aircraft acquisition and sales services for those looking to buy or sell a pre-owned aircraft.

Duncan Aviation’s multi-lingual representatives are located in countries around the world, and our internationally based representatives provide excellent support in the areas they serve.

International Representatives

Glyn Tookey EMEA Regional Manager London, UK (EGLL) +9011447950786017
Australia & New Zealand
Richard Gardner Regional Manager, Australia / New Zealand Lincoln, NE (LNK) +011 64 21 896 659
Trevor Yuschyshyn Regional Manager, Canada Lincoln, NE (LNK) +1 (403) 700-9287
Central America & Caribbean
Allan Orsi Regional Manager,South & Central America/Caribbean Lincoln, NE (LNK) +011 55 19 3876-5032
Glyn Tookey EMEA Regional Manager London, UK (EGLL) +9011447950786017
Rodolfo Rodriguez Regional Manager, Mexico Lincoln, NE (LNK) +52.55.5584.4589
South America
Allan Orsi Regional Manager,South & Central America/Caribbean Lincoln, NE (LNK) +011 55 19 3876-5032

North American Regional Managers

Joe LaCorte Regional Manager, Southeast US Lincoln, NE (LNK) +1 239.631.5190
Susie Corn Regional Manager, South Central U.S. Lincoln, NE (LNK) +1 972.658.3553
Ryan Huss Vice President of Sales and Marketing Lincoln, NE (LNK) +1 402.479.8142
Vince Antignani Regional Manager, Northeast U.S. Battle Creek, MI (BTL) +1 215.452.3937
Tim Kelly Regional Manager, Great Lakes Lincoln, NE (LNK) +1 269.969.8400
Bill Otte Regional Manager, East Central U.S. Lincoln, NE (LNK) +1 440.413.8259
Lee Bowes Regional Manager, Central US Lincoln, NE (LNK) +1 402.479.1569