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Word on the Ramp:

It is not a very well-kept secret that Duncan Aviation has a strong history and reputation in Citation service. A service center since 1972, the experience is deep and the connection is profound. From the beginning, Duncan Aviation contracted with Citation to repair the avionics on the 500, since they were known to have the best avionics shop in the country. Today, 35 years later, we are still supporting the fleet.

Over the years, hundreds of customers have experienced Duncan Aviation’s Citation Service, and more and more are joining the club every year as new models enter the market.

In just the first few months of 2007, Duncan Aviation performed service on Citation models from the newly minted Mustang to the super-sized 750 and most everything in-between.

From airframe maintenance to paint, avionics upgrades, interiors, engines, components, accessories and more, Duncan Aviation Citation technicians have done it all, seen it all, and are phased by nothing.


“My experience at Duncan Aviation with a Phase AH inspection and 10-year airframe inspection was excellent. Our Citation X was completed three days ahead of schedule and with very positive feeling. We plan on continued heavy maintenace checks to be performed at Duncan Aviation in the future.”

Brad Schler, Director of Maintenance,
Citation 750, RNW Enterprises LLC.

“Almost five years ago, I flew all the way from Atlanta, GA, to Battle Creek, MI, to have my aircraft painted at Duncan Aviation in conjunction with a maintenance event. I was very pleased with the quality of the job at the time, but I am even more impressed today. I am still getting compliments on the paint; it still looks brand new. There is no doubt that I will be coming back to Duncan Aviation when this 650 needs paint again.”

Tom Lyons, Chief Pilot,
Citation 650, CGW Southeast Management.

“During my project, the technicians were able to work through several unexpected maintenance issues and deliver the aircraft on time in spite of the added work. Duncan Aviation’s capabilities cover nearly every aspect of Citation maintenance and refurbishment. Their knowledge and experience keep downtime to a minimum. This is important–after all, my job is to keep the aircraft in the air.”

Stan Hepler, Director of Maintenance,
Two Citation 560XLs, Biomet, Inc.

“In order to keep our overall aviation department costs to a minimum, we have elected to utilize Duncan Aviation as an extension of our flight department. I can say without hesitation that Duncan Aviation has offered us the highest level of service and support of any maintenance facility we have ever visited. We have tried other facilities in the industry, but without the level of success we have achieved with Duncan Aviation.

“What I find most impressive about doing business with Duncan Aviation is when I have unscheduled maintenance items and potential AOG problems. Duncan's team of professionals attacks my problems as though I were their only customer, finding solutions, acquiring parts and getting me up-to-the-minute time frames as to when I will be ready to fly again.”

Jad Donaldson, Chief Pilot,
Citation 560XLS, Avfuel Corporation.

“Duncan Aviation has consistently provided us with excellent support and service in avionics as well as maintenance. They have remained very professional and courteous for every event and transaction and I consider them highly competent, supportive and very knowledgeable in the areas of expertise. I can confidently recommend Duncan Aviation as a solid and reliable operation and experts in their field.”

Michael Van Meter, Chief Pilot,
Citation 560 Ultra, Elkhart Brass Mfg. Inc.

“Our experience at Duncan always has been, and continues to be, a very good one. I would highly recommend Duncan Aviation’s engine services to anyone that has a desire for quality.”

Chad Creevy, Chief Pilot,
Citation 500, Trendway Corporation.