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Improving Industry Leadership Skills

Developing leaders and investing in the people of business aviation is critical. Encouraging young leaders and promising individuals to improve their teams, their companies and their professions is the best way to invest in the future and ensure the ongoing success of business aviation for years to come.

That’s what the senior management team at Duncan Aviation believes, and why the company wholeheartedly supports leadership development not only throughout the Duncan Aviation workforce but throughout the industry.

“Business aviation needs to do everything we can to attract the best and brightest, providing them with continual training in leadership as well as technical skills and making positive changes so they will stay with and grow business aviation into the future,” says Jeannine Falter, vice president of business development for Duncan Aviation.

Following are just two ways Duncan Aviation is actively supporting this cause.

Leadership Session at NBAA’s October Convention

Jeannine, along with fellow Duncan Aviation senior team members Steve Gade and John Slieter, will present a one-hour leadership class from 9-10 a.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 23, at the Las Vegas Convention Center during NBAA’s Annual Convention & Exhibition this fall.

The session will share several concepts targeted at effective communication, gaining agreement, building diverse teams, leveraging emotional intelligence and several other unique and tried-and-true leadership concepts.  Attendees will achieve a new level of appreciation and understanding of their impact on others through self-awareness and effective communication.

“An hour isn’t a long time, but it will give us an opportunity to provide a great overview of some interesting leadership concepts and hopefully get individuals thinking about their professional leadership growth and the responsibility they have to develop their skills for themselves, their families and friends, and their employers,” Jeannine says. “We constantly touch the lives of other people and those touches can be inspiring, neutral or even disheartening. Raising the awareness of the impact our daily interactions have on others is a good first step and I look forward to interacting with business aviation’s current and future leaders at this session.”

2014 NBAA Leadership Conference

As co-chair of NBAA’s 2014 Leadership Conference: Accountability in Action, Jeannine is also looking forward to spending two full days with others interested in raising the leadership bar throughout business aviation. Held in Atlanta February 19-20, 2014, Jeannine is busy working with the conference committee to finalize the speakers and program details.

“I am excited about the program we are putting together and expect that this will be another great event for the industry,” Jeannine says. “The conference grows every year and attendees always comment about the excellent messages and the quality, actionable take-aways they receive from speakers, as well as the opportunity to network and meet other leaders from around the industry. I highly encourage companies and individuals to mark their calendars and set aside the budget to attend, and to send several of your best and brightest to the NBAA Leadership Conference.”

Questions About FANS?

Duncan Aviation’s Justin Vena, an avionics representative with a passion for helping customers with their questions regarding FANS and Next-Gen mandates, will present a one-hour session called “Understanding FANS” during the NBAA Annual Convention & Exhibition this October.

Scheduled for 1-2 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 23, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, this session will brief attendees on the evolution of FANS, how FANS operates, certification and upcoming mandates. Justin will explain Controller Pilot Data Link (CPDLC), Automatic Dependent Surveillance Contract (ADS-C) and how they operate, including details about what happens with initial set-up and operation, including air traffic controller hand-offs, and explain the components included in a typical system. The session will also address FANS mandates in Europe and the North Atlantic tracks.

In preparation for this class, Justin and his team will be updating Duncan Aviation’s popular “Straight Talk About FANS” ebook and plan to publish a new edition around the time of the convention.