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The Duncan Intelligence publication had evolved over the years from fax issues to email/web based issues. providing current technical advice to the industry.

Sixteen years ago, the Duncan Intelligence publication was born, the product of business aviation operator questions and the knowledge of Duncan Aviation’s seasoned Technical Representatives. It was a simple concept: take the questions the Tech Reps were fielding every day and turn them into technical articles. At its start in 1997, the initial editions covered five different airframes and the TFE731 engine. The one-page newsletters were printed and given to customers or faxed to customer offices. The response was very positive—the technical tips were valued, the publications kept for reference, posted on walls and shared with friends. Today, the delivery method has evolved, but the formula for the information is the same—to provide current technical advice, for free, to anyone who needs it.

Duncan Aviation continues to deliver a monthly dose of technical knowledge to the business aviation community. The company has also hosted several Duncan Intelligence Live events and, in December of 2012, a new format was introduced with the first Duncan Intelligence Webinar. The webinar format allows attendees to get the information live, right from their pc, laptop or tablet, wherever they may be, or to download a recording to watch later. The subject matter for the first webinar was one of the hottest topics in business aviation today, FANS 1/A+.

FANS 1/A+ is a complex subject because each aircraft requires a unique solution. Because of this complexity, operators have a lot of questions and expert advice is in demand. Duncan Aviation is on the leading edge of FANS 1/A+ solutions, working with equipment manufacturers to help operators reach compliance ahead of the 2015 mandate for Link 2000+ in Europe. Duncan Aviation sales experts and avionics technical representatives are available to field questions any time. Additionally, they have developed several resources to assist operators as they work through what is needed for FANS 1/A+ compliance. With a Straight Talk ebook, a video series, a webinar, multiple blog posts and Duncan Intelligence articles, FANS information by Duncan Aviation has been read and downloaded thousands of times by operators throughout the world. Look for more videos and webinars to be added to the Duncan Intelligence lineup in 2013. Visit our subscriptions page to make sure you receive the latest information.



Justin Vena

Justin Vena has worked in aviation for more than 20 years and has deep experience in avionics ranging from technician to training to engineering and most recently, sales. He co-authored our FANS publication and is the host of our FANS video series. Justin is widely regarded as a top expert on FANS for business aviation. 


Gary Harpster

Gary Harpster began his career in aviation in 1977 and is currently serving as an Avionics Installations Sales Rep at Duncan Aviation. He is an industry expert on NextGen initiatives, giving presentations around the world. Gary is currently serving as Vice-Chair of the AEA board of advisors. 


FANS 1/A Straight Talk Book

There are a lot of variables to deal with when it comes to FANS 1/A+. There is no one avionics solution that will fit every aircraft, and often it takes a variety of avionics solutions to come up with a final solution that will result in compliance. While there are no easy answers, this publication is meant to help clarify FANS 1/A+ for operators looking for more information.

Understanding FANS Video

A four-part video series covering a variety of topics, including what it is, how it works, how it’s changing and upcoming FANS mandates.


1 January 2011 7 February 2013 1 January 2014 5 February 2015 5 February 2015
After this date, all new aircraft operating above FL 285 in EASA-controlled airspace must be delivered with a compliant system. Several OEMs have temporary exemptions delaying this requirement until a FANS 1/A+ or Link 2000+ solution becomes available. North Atlantic Tracks will only allow FANS-1/A+-equipped aircraft to fly in the center two tracks. Any aircraft fitted with FANS-1/A+ will be exempt from the EASA mandate for Link 2000+ and will exempt the aircraft from any future datalink mandates. By this date, all aircraft operating above FL 285 in EASA-controlled airspace must have been retrofitted with a compliant system. North Atlantic Tracks are expected to lock down most if not all the tracks to allow only FANS-equipped aircraft. Currently this is not an official date, only the expectation.