January 2010 Intelligence Newsletter

myDuncan Saves Time & Reduces Paperwork

An innovative project management tool, myDuncan streamlines item and teardown approvals, saving time and effort by making paperwork obsolete.

TFE731 Update on Service Bulletin 72-5194 for -40 & -60 Engines

The incorporation of SB 72-5194 will extend to the TFE731-40 and -60 engines to the 3000 hour MPI and 6000 hour CZI intervals. MSP will pay for this bulletin at the next MPI.

Universal FMS Common Battery Failures

One Universal FMS Battery, located on the CPU board, supports Flight Plans while the other, located on the GPS board, supports the Almanac.

Greased-up Landing Gear Reduces Maintenance Costs

Landing Gear is very susceptible to corrosion, due to its location and exposure to the elements.

Falcon Wing Screws Cause Hydraulic Line Interference

The wing leading edge upper removable panels on Falcon 50, 900 and 2000s are installed with differing length screws depending on location.

Challenger: Cracked Housings Noted On Control Valves

At Duncan Aviation, we have recently come across a number of Temperature Control Valves or Low Limit Control Valves on Challenger aircraft with cracked housings.

Hawker: Unexplained Hydraulic Pressure & Overheating

We recently serviced a Hawker 900XP experiencing recurring hydraulic pressure and a hydraulic overheat issue that could not be readily duplicated on the ground.

Pratt & Whitney SB A63071 - Fuel Oil Heat Exchanger Bypass Valve

Pratt & Whitney SB 63069 has been cancelled and replaced with SB A63071, pertaining to the same bypass valve.