April 2014 Intelligence Newsletter

How to Care for Your Gyro: Handle Like Eggs (Video)

Watch a simulation of what happens to the internal components of a VG206D vertical gyro if dropped from a height of more than two inches—or even as little as ½ of an inch.

Honeywell SB TFE731-72-3494

Due to a small number of turbine blade separations related to stress ruptures, Honeywell issued SB TFE731-72-3494 to significantly increase the reliability of the turbine blades and reduce the risk of sudden inflight failures and the maintenance costs associated with them.

Common Failures of the Cockpit Voice Recorder (Black Box)

Although a Cockpit Voice Recorder is not relevant for safe flight, it is a required piece of equipment for safety and could ground an aircraft if it fails. Keep reading to learn common squawks for both a tape CVR and digital CVR.

Falcon: Slat Overheat Inspection

Task card 57-00-00-210-801 has just been revised to clarify and provide less restrictive instructions for inspecting the outboard slats for overheat.

Getting The Most Out of your Aircraft’s Tires and Brakes

The tires and brakes on a business aircraft wear the most while taxiing. Proper operation and preventative maintenance are simple and have a marginal cost, but pay huge dividends to extending the useful life of both tires and brakes.

Duncan Aviation Avionics Catalog

For many aircraft owners, choosing which aircraft systems require upgrade can be a real challenge. The Duncan Aviation Avionics Catalog provides a common sense non-aviation explanation of what a modification actually does for you the owner.