Honeywell SB TFE731-72-3494

April 2014

In September of 2013, Honeywell issued Revision 12 to Service Bulletin (SB) TFE731-72-3494. This is a Category 2 SB that affects all Honeywell TFE731-2,-3,-4,-5 engines and addresses the hour tracking and life limits of turbine blades.

Due to a small number of turbine blade separations related to stress ruptures, Honeywell issued SB TFE731-72-3494 to significantly increase the reliability of the turbine blades and reduce the risk of sudden inflight failures and the maintenance costs associated with them.

To comply with this SB, operators are required to mark all turbine blades on their aft platforms with the known service hours according to the engine Light Maintenance Manual. The required marks represent a specific number of operating hours determined by the blade part number and the engine model combination. Refer to Tables 8 through 17 in the SB for all model / PN combinations.

Honeywell recommends this SB be initiated at the next scheduled MPI and updated with each subsequent MPI. A special / warranty program may be available for this SB if certain conditions apply. Refer to the SB for more information.


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