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Astra Fuel Component Inspections

January 2014

For all Astra operators, I want to talk about the requirement to perform a detailed inspection of the Astra wing and collector box fuel boost jet pumps. 

Chapter 5 Requirements state that the boost jet pumps are to be inspected at 1,000 flight hours with recurring inspections at 2,000 hours. For the Astra SPX / G-100 model aircraft, this recurring inspection is at 2,500 hours.

The Astra Maintenance Manual requires the removal of the jet pumps to properly inspect fSor cleanliness and damage. Using a borescope to inspect these areas without removing the pumps will not provide an adequate assessment of the condition of these components. To further complicate matters, the SPX / G-100 Maintenance Manual does not require the pumps be removed. However, for preventative maintenance, I recommend you do.

During a recent inspection, Duncan Aviation technicians found two jet pumps badly chafed where they insert into the fuel manifold in the collector box.  They were replaced. In addition, the manifold and two fuel lines had to be replaced due to extreme chafing. These replacement parts had to be fabricated by the OEM, causing a delay of several weeks.

The chaffing on the fuel lines was caused by the fitting clamps. This condition or something similar has been found on several aircraft.

If you have questions about this or other technical issues with your Astra, don’t hesitate to contact your Duncan Aviation Astra Tech Rep.