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Astra Low Fuel Pressure Indication

February 2010
Forward side of left-hand accessory gearbox

Forward side of left-hand accessory gearbox—the chafed area is under where the spiral wrap is applied.

If you operate an Astra, not including SPX/G-100 models, and you have an intermittent left fuel pressure annunciator illumination, keep reading.

Recently, several operators have experienced an intermittent flickering light that triggers the electric boost pump to start sometimes but not all the time. While inspecting the wire bundle from the fuel pressure switch to the pylon, an industry network connection found a chafe mark on the wires. It seems that the lower cowling rubs on the bundle when the cowl is closed. The wires were pinched and the wire shielding was exposed, causing the wire to provide a ground for the light. The chafed wire bundle can be repositioned a bit and the wires protected.

Please contact a Duncan Aviation Astra Tech Rep for more information.