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Astra/SPX/G-100 Cockpit Fire Extinguisher

January 2013

On all Astra/SPX/G-100 model aircraft the original cockpit fire extinguisher (P/N 40-0002-0-52, model # 2-10) and the alternate part numbers in the Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC) are no longer available. The replacement extinguisher (P/N RTA1200) requires a modification before it can be mounted in the aircraft. The mod requires the new extinguisher be mounted in the same location, by fabricating an aluminum plate, adding a nutplate and attaching the new extinguisher with a new bracket.

The aluminum plate must be made to specifications according to Drawing GA120400000 from Gulfstream. These new extinguishers are available from Aviall.

If you have any questions about this modification, contact your Gulfstream Tech Rep. If you would like Duncan Aviation to fabricate the required aluminum plate and mount the extinguisher, contact your Gulfstream Airframe Maintenance Sales rep.