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Bombardier Learjet Model Flap Actuator Replacement

April 2020

At Duncan Aviation, we have received many questions in regards to the replacement of the flap actuators on the Bombardier Learjet 40 and Learjet 45 model aircraft per SB (Service Bulletin) 40-27-31 and 45-27-47, respectively. These SBs install the improved 6627503000-031(inboard) and 6627503000-033 ( outboard) flap actuator assemblies.

The advantage of complying is the elimination of three IRNs (Inspection Reference Numbers)

  1. 2750056 (Flap Actuator Joint Visual Inspection)
  2. 2750057 (Flap Actuator Ballnut Sleeve)
  3. 2750055 (Flap Actuator Joint Replacement).

These are Fielded Programs by Learjet. Meaning, as the customer, you must place the order directly with Learjet Spares, at which time a PO (purchase order) is required. Depending on many factors, Learjet will inform you of when you can expect to receive the new flap actuators.

Keep In Mind

Bombardier Authorized Service Centers, like Duncan Aviation, CANNOT place these orders on your behalf. The factory-owned BAS centers can, but the ASFs cannot. We can install the flap actuators once you have received them, but we are unable to place the order for you.

Pintles Update As Of March 5, 2020

There are approximately 60 Bombardier Learjet 40 and Learjet 45 model aircraft that have not installed the new flap actuators. At this time, all of the special pricing and programs have expired.

Please be aware, the pintles used on the older flap actuators are no longer available. Once the pintles 24-month life limit comes due, you will have no other choice than to install the new flap actuators.   

Supply vs. Demand

The current demands for these new parts are outpacing the supply. We highly recommend you be proactive and place an order sooner rather than later. Be aware of the life limit due dates when ordering to ensure that you are not facing an AOG situation due to no life limit remaining on the pintles currently installed.