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Challenger 601: Wing Anti-Ice Failures

March 2011

During the winter time, crews aboard Challenger 601s experience this squawk without fail. They report the wing anti-ice L Fail and /or R Fail light comes on during taxi and /or take-off, possibly causing the crew to reject the take-off.

Maintenance typically finds no defects and returns the aircraft to service. Depending on weather conditions and how the flight crew operates the wing anti-ice system, this squawk may not show up again for some time.

Bombardier is aware of this issue and has issued Service Bulletin (SB) 601-0608 that incorporates circuitry to prevent the erroneous readings and possibly avoiding the dangers of aborting a take-off.

Although the ice and freezing rain season is drawing to a close, I highly recommend that all Challenger 601 operators comply with this SB at the next opportunity. It will put a stop to unnecessary maintenance and avert the dangers inherent with an aborted take-off.