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Citation: Revisions to SRM Allowing Typical Repairs

October 2014

There have been some revisions to the Structural Repair Manual (SRM) on various models of Damage Tolerant Citation aircraft that now allow Typical Repairs that were not allowed in the past. This is most notable on the Citation 560XL, which now allows Typical Skin repairs just as the 500 Series had in the past.

At Duncan Aviation, we have become accustomed to replacing skins, particularly fairing skins, in the past simply because the damage was greater than the 0.002 inch polishing repair that was allowed and replacement was cheaper and quicker than an engineered repair.

Currently the 560XL SRM allows blends up to 10% material thickness and also patching repairs up to 2.00 inch. Other Typical Repairs are allowed as well.

Please take a look at the SRM on each model to see if a recently added Typical Repair is available before deciding to replace the part or submitting for an Engineering Repair Disposition.