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Duncan Aviation Gains Thales Avionics Capabilities

May 2014

Duncan Aviation has been given new access to tech data and parts for Thales attitude indicator (AI) units. With this information in hand, the avionics instruments gyro team, led by Jerry Bremer, has developed a wide spectrum of services for the indicators ranging from the simple repair to full overhaul.

An attitude indicator is an instrument used in an aircraft to inform the pilot of the orientation of the aircraft relative to the Earth's horizon. It is often called a gyro horizon, artificial horizon or attitude director indicator.

It is very important that these units function correctly for safe flight. When it is time for service or overhaul, these units typically give you clear indication.

Common Squawks:

  • When the AI begins to display erratic indication or precessing, there is a high probability the gimble bearings have failed or are becoming sluggish, causing friction.
  • During normal operation, an attitude indicator is relatively quiet. When rotor bearings begin to fail, the unit begins to operate in a rough fashion and give off a vibration and loud noise or become Inop altogether.
  • Bearing failure can occur due to normal operation wear and aging or temperature extremes.

Bremer said the Thales AI is a popular instrument installed in various business aircraft and operators are searching for a quality avionics shop that can repair or overhaul the unit quickly. When word got out that Duncan Aviation added Thales capabilities, units began flowing into the shop on a weekly basis.

“With each unit, we learn more and become more efficient. We have the fastest turn time available with a 12-month warranty on work,” said Bremer. 

Duncan Aviation Thales Attitude Indicator Capabilities

Duncan Aviation has full overhaul capabilities on the following Thales units.
H341 series
H140 series
H301 series
H221 series
803 series

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