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Falcon: Slat Overheat Inspection

April 2014

The General Visual Inspection of the Wings AMM task card 57-00-00-210-801, dated November 20-2013, is part of a 2-year Z scheduled inspection. It has you perform a visual check of the Rilsan shims on the outboard slat lower surface. If these shims are found melted, the task card requires the replacement of the slat no later than during the next A inspection.

Revision of AMM task card 57-00-00-210-801

This task has just been revised to clarify and provide less restrictive instructions for inspecting the outboard slats for overheat. Paragraph 4A of the new task card, dated Feb 20 2014, still has you do the inspection, but if this time the Rilsan shims are melted, indicating an overheat condition, it provides further instructions for a visual inspection of the “piccolo tube” and a specialized “conductivity” test of the aluminum in the affected area.


Melted Rilsan shim under outboard slat seal
Outboard Slat Piccolo heat tube damage