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Gulfstream V Spoiler Board Corrosion

July 2013

At Duncan Aviation, we’ve noted several Gulfstream V aircraft with pitting on the spoiler board and fixed wing overhang panels. This pitting is related to the fretting at the wing flap upper skin surface and spoiler board lower skin locations. Most noted pitting has been light to moderate, but left unattended could result in more extensive repairs. Also this same pitting has been noted in the flap track to spoiler seal areas common to the spoiler board and wing fixed overhang panel lower skin common to the trailing edge.

To avoid potentially expensive repairs, take measures to keep these areas properly protected by maintaining the finish. Once the finish wears through, it exposes the base metal and significantly increases the risk of corrosion.

The risk of being left unattended can be both financial and down time related, as repaired, exchange-repaired and or new units are expensive and are dependent on availability.