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Hawker: Corrosion in the Center Wheel Well Area

January 2014

We have recently seen an increase in the detection of corrosion on several of the levers and pulley-attach brackets in the center wheel well area and wing rear spar. These light alloy brackets and levers are susceptible to severe corrosion if the protective coating is compromised and remedial action is not taken promptly. This photo shows a severely corroded left hand fuel low pressure valve lever which required replacement.

Hawker center wheel well corrosion

This condition has been found primarily on higher time/older aircraft but it reminds us of the importance of careful detail inspections of any area where a corrosive environment is likely to exist.

The Hawker Corrosion Control Manual (CCM) contains detailed instructions on methods of detection, rectification and restoration of protective treatments. The area between the main wheel wells is not readily accessible for inspection without the removal of quite a few panels. Operators might want to consider accessing and cleaning the area more frequently than the Maintenance Schedule requires, reducing the possibility of corrosion damage and in some cases replacement of hard to locate parts.