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Hawker: Solving Lens Heat Buildup

July 2014

The original equipment landing lights on Hawker aircraft can be a frequent source of frustration for Hawker operators. If left on for too long, heat buildup from inside the lens can cause the lenses to melt.  Filament lamp technology was a standard for Hawker aircraft.  LED lighting offers low heat but also marginal light range. The BoomBeam HID lights are now the light of choice for Hawker owners, The BoomBeam HID allows for an unlimited use of the wing landing and taxi lights without fear of leading edge lens melting and the world’s longest range. (Longer Range = Better Safety)

Improved Illumination

LoPresti BoomBeam landing lights won’t overheat, are more resistant to vibration and shock, and are much brighter.  The BoomBeam is more than 500% brighter than standard filament or LED lighting.  This brighter light equals much longer range and improved safety.  The BoomBeam uses mercury and Xenon gas which yield whiter, truer colors and provide better illumination at night.

BoomBeam Lighting Details

The BoomBeam kit is complete and consists of a power supply, shielded high-voltage wire harness, plug-in high-intensity discharge (HID) lamp, mounting hardware, lens reflector assemblies and STC (FAA and EASA Approved). Installation is very simple and there are no structural changes. There are two BoomBeam HID light kits. One for the four-wing mounted light and a separate kit for aircraft with the nose taxi lights.   BoomBeam HID kits also come with a five-year or 5000, hour warranty.

Already have a BoomBeam?

LoPresti offers a great trade in program for customers with legacy BoomBeam HID lights or poorly performing LED lighting.

For more information about the LoPresti BoomBeam lamps, feel free to contact us anytime.