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Hawker Structural Inspection Intervals

November 2009

When an aircraft goes through an STC modification, there are often changes to the inspection requirements. Operators need to be aware of these changes and keep the related documents and Instructions for Continued Airworthiness with the aircraft, especially when taking the aircraft to a service provider for maintenance. An example of this are the many Hawkers that have blended winglets installed.

When performing structural inspections on an API winglet equipped aircraft, the operator should be aware that several structural inspection intervals are different from the non-winglet equipped aircraft. It is very easy for an operator to overlook the differences in interval. Both the operator and the service provider need to examine the latest revision of the Aviation Partners, Inc. Blended Winglet Maintenance & Operations Document, Maintenance and Inspection Section. This document is S/N specific and needs to be included with the aircraft when it arrives at a service provider.


  • Hawker 800XP
  • Inspection 570009
  • Changed from 4800 hrs then every 1200 hrs to 3700 hrs then every 900 hrs

  • Hawker 800A/800B
  • Inspection 570029
  • Changed from 4800 hrs or 8 years, whichever is sooner to 3600 hrs or 8 years, whichever is sooner


The Blended Winglet Maintenance & Operations Document contains several new Structural Inspection Requirements and Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICAs) on the wing tip mounted navigation light lenses and winglet strobes. Also included is a section to determine, by calculation, the initial inspection times after winglet installation. Another option for operators is to simply use the new inspection thresholds contained in the Maintenance and Inspection section of the document.

Remember, when going in for maintenance after any STC modification, take your ICAs and related documents with you. For more information about this or other Hawker Technical issues, contact your Duncan Aviation Hawker Tech Rep.