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It’s Radar Season. Don’t Get Lost in the Storm

May 2020

radarSpring is here and that means storm season is upon us! Because radar is a great tool to avoid severe weather,spring is the wrong time to find out your radar is not functioning properly. For this reason, the Duncan Aviation avionics and instrument shop is kept very busy, servicing thousands of radar units every year.

To schedule a radar function test, contact a Duncan Aviation Customer Account Rep

Watch the video (below) and follow a radar as it makes a road trip through our Lincoln, Nebraska, facility during a routine inspection.

Radar Rotables Exchanges

Also every year, we process hundreds of radar exchanges. In order to meet this growing demand, we continually increase our radar exchange and outright inventory options so AOG customers don’t have to wait. In addition, there is a loaner pool available.

To save you money and provide peace of mind, we offer one-year warranties and flat-rate exchange options on rotables that are notorious for add bills. To keep our pricing low and to avoid the ever-dreaded add bill, we use serviceable parts from hundreds of on-site core units.

To schedule a rotables exchange, contact a Duncan Aviation’s Parts & Rotables Sales Rep.

Spring 2020 Incentives

Contact a Duncan Aviation Component Repair/Parts & Rotables Sales Representative to learn about our Spring 2020 limited-time promotional incentives at 800.562.6377.