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Lear 40/45: Replacing Main Landing Gear Actuator Pins

March 2011

As a Lear 40 and 45 operator, you are fully aware of the 60-month life limit and replacement requirement on the Main Landing Gear (MLG) actuator pins, both upper (IRN M3220014) and lower (IRN M3220038). But what you may not realize are the expensive consequences of not planning ahead for this required maintenance. 

If the pins are not ordered in advance and available:

  • The life limit of the current pins can run out and you become grounded.
  • If the aircraft is already in for service, manpower and hangar space become an issue as you wait for them to arrive.
  • If you’re running a tight schedule, you may have to miss flights or pay the high cost of charter.

Scheduling Maintenance and Ordering Pins

  • Schedule maintenance as close as possible to the expiration date of the current pins.
  • Place order at least two months in advance, but not more than four. Main Landing Gear Actuator Upper Pin (P/N 200-0325-101); Main Landing Gear Actuator Lower Pin (P/N 200-0217-101)
  • Orders are prioritized by Parts Logistics on the basis of expiration of current pins. Ordering further ahead will not get the pins to arrive earlier.

Have the installation date of the current pins on-hand when placing order, as well as flight schedule surrounding scheduled maintenance.