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Learjet 40/45 Aft Aileron Control Quadrant Assembly 10-Year Life Limit

February 2010

In one of the revisions of the Replacement Items, there is IRN M2710041, which calls out the following:

* Aileron Quadrant Assembly (P/N 4527102095-003, 4527102000V12-001) with a 10-year Interval

This requirement should be applicable to 45-001 thru 45-277 and 45-2001 thru 45-2031, if they still have the original quadrant assembly installed. The spares replacement assemblies (-005, -007 & -009) currently have no replacement interval at this time. Duncan Aviation has had operators that were unaware of this change and have experienced subsequent planning and scheduling issues due to running out of time on this single asterisk item. The significance of the single asterisk is the following:

Items marked by one asterisk (*) in Sections 4-10-00 and 4-10-01, indicates that the inspection task interval cannot be changed, increased or deleted without the approval of the certification airworthiness authority. The inspection tolerances indicated in Chapter 5, Section 5-10-00, are not applicable to these tasks.

Basically, this states any deviation (such as en extension) has to be approved by the FAA. Duncan Aviation knows of no such request that has been granted. Learjet Engineering is currently gathering removed Quadrant Assemblies for evaluation for a possible increase in the replacement interval.