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Pratt & Whitney SB 26243R2: Replacement of Inner Bypass Flanges and Duct Segment

February 2010

If you have already completed Service Bulletin 26243 or 26243R1 on your a PW308A or PW308C, then there is no further action required on SB 26243R2. If you have not, then P&W recommends Part A of the SB be completed at the next convenient opportunity, if your engines have fewer than 1600 hours. If your engines have more than 1600 hours, Part A should be completed at the next scheduled maintenance event. Part B of this SB is to be done at overhaul.

Access to inner parts requires removal of upper outer bypass duct assembly. This SB applies to PW308A engines SN CE0053 and lower and PW308C engines SN CF0340 and lower. PW308A is on the Hawker Horizon and PW308C is on Falcon 2000EX.