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Pratt & Whitney SB A63071 - Fuel Oil Heat Exchanger Bypass Valve

January 2010

In the November Duncan Intelligence, we talked about SB A63069 pertaining to the Fuel Oil Heat Exchanger Bypass Valve. This Service Bulletin has been cancelled and replaced with SB A63071, pertaining to the same bypass valve. SB A63071is relevant to the PW615F-A engine on the Cessna 510 Mustang.


Even if you have completed SB A63069, P&W recommends you comply with SB A63071 in its entirety, using the following schedule.

If you complied with SB A63069 Complete SB A63071
Less than 75 hrs ago Before accumulating 75 hrs since incorporation
More than 75 hrs ago In the next 25 hrs

If you haven’t complied with SB A63069 Complete SB A63071
And have more than 100 hrs TTSN In the next 25 hours
And you have less than 100 hrs TTSN Before accumulating 125 hrs TTSN.


P&W has also revised Commercial Support Program Notification #1004866 to provide additional parts and labor support.

For questions about this or other Technical issues, contact your Duncan Aviation Pratt & Whitney Tech Reps.