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Pre-Purchase Evaluation Checklists

February 2012

Pre-purchase evaluations of an aircraft are an invaluable tool in determining the overall general condition of an aircraft that is being considered for purchase. We at Duncan Aviation routinely perform these pre-buy evaluations, which benefit both buyer and seller.

Our pre-buy evaluation checklist was created to detect the most commonly found discrepancies we see daily while performing routine and structural inspections. This evaluation can extend to complete logbook research to verify that all component requirements and Airworthiness Limitations have been met.  The status of all applicable Airworthiness Directives (AD), including the sometimes elusive and often overlooked Appliance ADs, and Service Bulletins are verified. The evaluation can extend to special customer requests, which can take an even more detailed look at specific areas of concern.

If considering the purchase of an aircraft, regardless of make/model, a thorough and complete pre-purchase evaluation of the aircraft and its records will help make a sound decision that much easier.