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Pre-Purchase Evaluations: What Sets Us Apart?

May 2020

There is no way around it; pre-purchase evaluations are complex events with a lot of participants and many moving parts. The aircraft and its history are scrutinized. The service center provides honest, non-biased findings and solutions while the buyers and sellers negotiate the results.

The objective of a pre-purchase evaluation is to provide a thorough and fair assessment of the aircraft and to communicate all findings clearly and respectfully. The first step in accomplishing this is to turn to an MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul) facility with the reputation, experience, and integrity that work to the benefit of all parties in the transaction.

When it comes to pre-purchase evaluations, Duncan Aviation has vast experience and typically has two or more in process at any given time. Here’s why Duncan Aviation is often requested for pre-purchase evaluations.

Reputation. Duncan Aviation believes our most valuable and fundamental asset is our reputation, which depends on the integrity and judgment of each of our team members.

We support the NBAA’s (National Business Aviation Association) guidance statement called “Ethical Business Aviation Transactions” and as a founding member of the International Aircraft Dealers Association, we also adhere to the IADA Code of Ethics.

Experience. Duncan Aviation has performed heavy maintenance on the most popular makes of business aircraft for nearly 65 years. This time turning the wrench has produced a workforce with years of experience and collective knowledge that goes way beyond Chapter 5.

In the last 28 months, we have performed 169 pre-purchase evaluations on nearly every make of business aircraft at our Battle Creek, MI, Lincoln, NE, and Provo, UT, locations.

Airframe Specific Checklists. Because we perform heavy maintenance on most business aircraft, we are well aware of the maintenance hot spots unique to each. With that knowledge, model-specific pre-purchase evaluation checklists were developed to address these most vulnerable areas. Duncan Aviation technicians function test high failure components, and visually examine and inspect areas known to be prone to increased corrosion or damage. After going through a pre-purchase evaluation at Duncan Aviation, buyers can feel confident they are making a great investment.

Logbook Research. Researching an aircraft’s history can be time-consuming and challenging. Some of the larger airframes can come in with 25+ boxes of paperwork to sort through and organize. Our dedicated logbook researchers with a combined 150 years of experience, are skilled in researching and pulling together this documentation; they know what to look for to piece together a complete picture.

Full airframe and engine logbook research for pre-buy evaluations includes the following: history research for Airworthiness Directives, Service Bulletins​ and life-limited components; inspections per the manufacturer and​/or Approved Aircraft Inspection Programs, repair/alteration history, fire blocking/8110 paperwork; and a Blue Ribbon FAA package. Other research options available upon request.

Neutrality. We realize the results of a pre-purchase evaluation will be scrutinized, argued, and negotiated. It has a direct impact on the aircraft’s purchase price and the final buying decision.  For these very reasons, we do not take sides. We make sure everyone knows what is going on and has access to the same information. Duncan Aviation’s project managers are trained and experienced in communicating effectively with all the various sides involved in pre-purchase evaluations.

Post Pre-Purchase Work. If there will be any needed airframe, engine, interior, paint, or avionics install work completed after the pre-buy transaction is finalized, Duncan Aviation can immediately move the project into production, saving downtime and making new ownership a smooth transition.

Export/Import Capabilities. As an ODA, we have the authority to issue a U.S. Airworthiness certificate to import an aircraft to the United States efficiently. We will also provide any necessary documentation required for aircraft desiring to be exported to another country.

Why Aircraft Sellers Like Duncan Aviation 

A thorough pre-purchase evaluation from Duncan Aviation verifies the aircraft has been properly maintained and is in a condition that makes it a great investment. It justifies the seller’s fair market asking price.

Why Aircraft Buyers Like Duncan Aviation

Aircraft buyers like Duncan Aviation to perform pre-purchase evaluations because they know they will receive a thorough and honest assessment of the aircraft reducing the risk they will face expensive surprises in the future.