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Top Four Questions Customers Have About NextGen Mandates

October 2016

At Duncan Aviation, we are working diligently to help all aircraft operators meet the upcoming mandates. If you are already compliant, congratulations! You can stop reading!

Here are the top four questions I have hear from customers as I travel throughout the Great Lakes Region. I am quite certain all aircraft operators everywhere have an interest in the answers.


Question: Will there be a deadline extension for ADS-B Out?

Answer:   No, according to the FAA. The airlines with all their clout have tried unsuccessfully to push for an extension.

Question: Will the price drop as we get closer?

Answer:   No, it will most likely increase as we get closer due to supply/demand issues, incentives going away, limited hangar space and labor to accommodate everyone, hardware pricing increases, and the removal of early-adopter incentives.

Question: We have until 2020, correct?

Answer:   You have until Dec 31, 2019.  We have already started filling in upgrade slots into late 2017.

Question: How can I insure I get a slot for my upgrade?

Answer:   Duncan Aviation is in the unique position to take a deposit for a guaranteed slot.  Check with me or go to the link below to see if your exact airframe is applicable.

At Duncan Aviation, we pride ourselves on innovation and communication and have developed a NextGen page as a collection point for resources and information about the 2020 Mandate initiative, including:

  • ADS-B Out
  • FANS
  • TCAS II 7.1

For more details, visit: http://www.DuncanAviation.aero/NextGen