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UPDATE: Duncan Aviation Has Tooling for the Global Flap Spigot Bushing Service Bulletin

November 2018

This is an update to a previous Duncan Intelligence article about Bombardier Global Flap Spigot Bushing Service Bulletin.

Since this SB was issued in 2017, only a small number of Bombardier Global* operators have complied. 

Duncan Aviation has successfully performed this SB (migrating bushing) and the recommended Modsum (corrosion control) several times.

All of Duncan Aviation’s full-service facilities (Battle Creek, MI; Lincoln, NE; and Provo, UT) have invested in the tooling necessary to comply with this SB.

E-Drill (watch video)


In-board Flap Rig Board

Service bulleting tooling

Bushing Reaming Kit

SB tooling

Please contact your Duncan Aviation Global Airframe Service Representative.  

*Bombardier and Global are trademarks of Bombardier Inc. or its subsidiaries.