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Portland, OR - PDX

Additional Fixed Location

Located at the Portland International Airport, Duncan Aviation supports numerous airports in Oregon and Southern Washington. And if you are at the Aurora, Oregon, Municipal Airport, we have a full-time avionics tech to support your needs there as well. We also have the capability to travel for AOG avionics in the Pacific Northwest if you are stuck without support.

Our team will perform recurring FAR Avionics Certification tests as well as avionics troubleshooting, repairs and retrofits. Our avionics installation experts have sheet metal support as well as wiring and engineering service to support installation services. From a small USB change-up to an Integrated Cockpit Upgrade, we have the resources to meet your installation needs.

For AOG Services, call +1 402.470.4560

Duncan Aviation-Portland Services:

  • Avionics services and troubleshooting
  • Avionics inspections
  • Avionics upgrades and installations
  • Avionics AOGs and maintenance assists
  • Limited Airframe Capabilities
Hangar Space
7777 NE Airport Way
Portland, OR 97218
+1 503.287.7777