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Chairman's Notes Spring 2008



Todd Duncan, Chairman

People worldwide hear about "Red Carpet" treatment. Regardless of the business, customers should always expect excellent service. Business owners and managers want the perception of Red Carpet treatment to be a selling point. The question becomes: What do the employees of those businesses believe about service? To have a world renowned reputation for excellence, team members must believe in the Red Carpet treatment at all levels.

At Duncan Aviation, real "Red Carpet" treatment comes at every level of contact. From the moment you step off your aircraft, to asking for directions in a hallway, getting a cup of coffee or shaking hands with your project manager at delivery, you will experience the Duncan Difference. It may not include an actual "Red Carpet" upon arrival–sometimes weather conditions just won't allow that. But it is a difference unlike any other in aviation. It is a difference that every Duncan Aviation team member feels inside because they are proud of the reputation they've earned in our industry.

To me, the real "Red Carpet" treatment is inside each of us. And so, at Duncan Aviation, it simply becomes a part of the customer's experience.



John Kelly, Project Manager

John Kelly is a Duncan Aviation Project Manager and has worked for Duncan Aviation/Kal-Aero for half of his life. He started as an A&P technician in his 20s and took on the project manager role just 12 years ago. During his 25 years here, he has seen many customers come back time and time again, many of them good friends.

"To me, the Red Carpet treatment is providing excellent service from the beginning to the end of a project," says John. This includes everything a customer expects and many more things that exceed their expectations."

"We consider our customers partners. We want them with us every step of the way, on the floor, in the meetings and talking to anyone and everyone who works on their aircraft. The ultimate goal is to give the customer an outstanding experience with a no-surprise finish."

John Kelly and the entire team of experts at Duncan Aviation know what Red Carpet Service looks like. As we grow, this sharing of knowledge is very important for our continued success.