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A Reliable Parts Partner


How many times have you heard: "Sorry, we don't have it"? Duncan Aviation has spent the past 51 years building an extensive network of contacts, which allows us to partner with frantic operators to find solutions for their problems.

Solutions Any Time, Anywhere

The aviation world is a big place. It’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day shuffle. At Duncan Aviation Component Solutions, we only have one motto: We keep you flying. It’s the passion of Duncan Aviation professionals and part of the history of this company. And to accomplish this simple vision we rely on one premise, we never say “No!” If we don’t have it, we’ll find it!

Duncan Aviation Component Solutions has a massive inventory of parts, rotables and exchanges for aircraft ranging from Gulfstreams to Jetstars (with only three Jetstars left, they demonstrate our commitment to any customer). Gulfstream is a good example of our commitment to the industry. In the last few years, Duncan Aviation has added so much Gulfstream inventory, a full-time inventory manager was needed. Vince Cruickshank now oversees a growing pool of more than 400 Gulfstream rotables, more than 1,600 line items, a huge inventory of piece parts and the authority to grow into one of the largest Gulfstream inventories in the world, outside of the OEM.


Why have Vince and other inventory managers at Duncan Aviation been so successful? Because they help customers in need. They use our Experience, Service and some exceptional People (ESP) to make things happen for their customers. How many times have you heard: “Sorry, we don’t have it,” and that’s the end of the conversation? At Duncan Aviation Component Solutions, we partner with frantic operators to find solutions that fulfill needs. We dig through an immense list of worldwide contacts to find particular solutions to our customers’ problems. The reason we can offer this assistance when many others can’t is because of the extensive network of contacts we’ve built over 51 years in the aviation industry.

So why do so many directors of maintenance use Component Solutions for their aviation material needs? Duncan Aviation technicians are the best in the industry and have won dozens of awards over the years. They have a commitment to their aviation discipline that is unparalleled in the industry. That’s why a Duncan Aviation tagged unit is special and worth more.

24/7/365 service—we’re available on your schedule. From Singapore to New York, we’ll be here for you. Our inventory is competitively priced and checked against the aviation marketplace regularly. Duncan Aviation is proud to be an FAA-approved repair and overhaul facility and we follow all FAA guidelines.

Our shipping and receiving personnel are trained on how to pack sensitive units and they know how to “work late” and make sure you get what you need, when you need it. Duncan Aviation has a 51-year reputation for excellence in all fields of aviation that is known worldwide.

Those are some great reasons for doing business with us, but it goes far deeper than that. Duncan Aviation Component Solutions routinely works with our competition and partners with OEMs through our many service agreements to keep you flying. That’s a unique Duncan Aviation passion that encompasses past, present and future generations of our people, the passion to keep you flying!


Gulfstream, Astra / Westwind, Citation, Challenger, Falcon, Hawker, Learjet, King Air and yes, even Jetstars, along with most turbo-prop and piston-powered aircraft are part of the Duncan Aviation Component Solutions family. Our large and constantly growing rotable and exchange pool (more than $25 million) is never farther than your telephone. And with a primary inventory of more than 400,000 line items, we’ll usually be able to handle your needs from stock.

As an added benefit to operators who have recently sold and/or changed aircraft types, Duncan Aviation Component Solutions offers a robust consignment program designed to help you turn unused or unwanted parts and rotables into cash. We partner with you to help sell these valuable units. And in this partnership, all you do is sit back and cash checks; we do all the rest. Call 800.228.1836 for all of your parts and components needs.

Component Solutions Consignment Program

  1. There are no up-front costs other than freight charges getting your parts to our warehouse.
  2. Component Solutions will inspect your parts for proper nomenclature, part/serial number and condition prior to entry into our system.
  3. Component Solutions will price your parts to be competitive in the open market. Typically, this is list price less one-half the traditional dealer discount.
  4. Component Solutions provides insurance against physical loss of parts due to fire, theft, etc. The accounting firm of Lutz & Company performs an annual inventory audit.
  5. Component Solutions is responsible for all administrative functions including packaging, shipping, accounting, billing, credit and collection.
  6. Component Solutions handles all advertising, direct mail and electronic listings including the ­Internet, ILS, and Partsbase.
  7. Component Solutions deducts a 15% administration fee from the net selling price of the parts sold, then equally splits the remainder with the consignor.
  8. Consignors may recall a part at any time for only the administration fee.
  9. Component Solutions supplies quarterly reports and checks for your parts that have been sold.

Consignment Example:

Selling price of part
Administrative fee
- $15.00
50% to you