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One Source, One call



In the aviation component world, everyone offers a parts manager, director of maintenance (DOM) or a potential customer something, but savvy operators know the best values come from time-tested processes and experienced people who have the autonomy to work for the benefit of customers.

So what does the term Complete Component Solutions mean in that context? Duncan Aviation Component Solutions leverages our experience, training, processes and professionalism to meet customer needs and add value to our services. We’ve identified three critical things customers need: Experience, Service and People, or what we call (ESP).

Great experience

The Duncan Aviation Component Solutions team has more aviation experience than any other assembly of people in the industry! That’s why ESP starts off with experience. Including all Component Solutions areas, there are more than 300 people committed to your needs and success. Many of these people have been with Duncan Aviation for more than 15 years and their training includes factory instruction, academics and, most importantly, solving real problems. No other company has more experienced people.

Great service

We have eight bullet points that sum up our impressive services:

  • Rotables, Parts, OEM Exchanges & More
  • Any Component, Avionics, Instrument or Accessory Repair or Overhaul
  • Avionics, Instrument & Accessory Loaners
  • Propeller Sales, Service & Solutions
  • Free Locator Service
  • International Service & Solutions at 1.402.475.4125
  • Free Technical Advice & Troubleshooting
  • Acquisitions, Consignment Management & Sales

They are all available 24/7/365 with professional people handling each request. These component solutions are available every day because our customers expect a risk-free, award-winning reputation for excellence and they expect unparalleled service. ESP makes Duncan Aviation your one source, one call for component solutions and gives us the ability to anticipate and deliver services you will need during the life of an aircraft.


A question many operators ask is: What makes a company like Duncan Aviation so comprehensive in its operations and services? The outreach that Duncan Aviation provides to customers is beyond measure. It includes things like a network of more than 20 satellite facilities across the U.S. to be closer to our customers. It includes Rapid Response Teams who are basically on stand-by for operators in need of on-site attention anywhere on the planet. That’s not going the extra mile; that’s going the extra thousands of miles!

Consider what Duncan Aviation’s growing network of satellite locations means to a business aircraft operator. More than 20 of the busiest business airports are covered in our satellite network. If you have problems, there’s a good chance we will be on-site to help you. If you are based at one of these locations and need install work, you can save a trip and money by having us take care of it at your location. Keeping the list of shops in your airplane can save numerous headaches during trips.

Or look at the commitment we’ve made with Rapid Response Teams. No other aviation company will get to you quicker or have nearly as many capabilities, trained technicians or the massive support from Duncan Aviation’s primary and satellite facilities. These are great services to provide and they are all available 24/7/365. But the umbrella of protection and services Duncan Aviation provides goes far beyond even these services. Many service providers “Have what they have.” At Duncan Aviation comprehensive service becomes the foresight to anticipate needs, seeing outside the box and putting services in place to meet those needs.

Great people

To complete our ESP acronym; Duncan Aviation has great people who are just as committed as the company they serve. People who don’t just go the extra thousands of miles to help a customer with engines or AOG airframe work or to be there for them in a satellite facility, but people who literally travel the globe to help customers in need. Consider the case of North Flying in Denmark.

North Flying had sent their GNS-XL unit to Duncan Aviation Component Solutions for repair. On Friday, January 11, Don Heinlein, Component Solutions International Team Leader, received a call from North Flying. They were in urgent need of their GNS-XL unit because they had a trip “pop up” for Sunday morning. If they missed this flight, it was going to cost them $200,000.

Because commercial carriers could not transport the unit to Denmark to meet the Sunday schedule, Don made arrangements to have Carol Hunt, International Sales Representative, depart Friday night to hand deliver the customer’s unit. But on Friday afternoon, the unit failed a final function test. Don called North Flying to explain the problem and suggest a rental unit, which would need to be shipped to Lincoln from Honeywell early Saturday morning. North Flying agreed and asked Component Solutions to expedite the unit. An airline connection for Carol was found that would get her to Denmark early Sunday morning, cutting it close.


Saturday, January 12, Carol arrived to pick up the rental unit and 24 hours later she arrived in Copenhagen, Denmark. At 7:30 a.m., Carol handed the rental unit to North Flying and they made their 11 a.m. flight.

Duncan Aviation, Don Heinlein and Carol Hunt provided personalized customer service and the ESP the customer needed. North Flying knew they could trust Duncan Aviation Component Solutions to solve their problem and keep them flying and on schedule. We leveraged our partnership with Honeywell, juggled airline schedules and sent one of our team members to the customer’s doorstep; we made it happen. The commitment was genuine and the results clear, Duncan Aviation came through in North Flying’s time of need, just like we do every day with thousands of customers just like you.

That’s why the eight bullet points we base our commitments on and ESP are so important. They sum up the core of what aircraft operators, parts managers and DOMs need. When the 51-year reputation for excellence that Duncan Aviation brings to a customer is considered, choices become clear. One source, one call, 24/7/365; in the aviation world those are very important. But, the people who make those things come to life are the most important aspect of Component Solutions and ESP.