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Remarkable Touches


Delivering Reliable Components

There are many ways to define “remarkable.” In the aviation industry, aircraft operators want a remarkable experience to translate into value. Value can never become a physical reality without quality and the desire to rise above “just performing the requirements.” One must do more than is required to move into the realm of a remarkable experience. A Duncan Aviation customer is often never aware that a remarkable touch was performed on one of their sealed units because of our industry-leading low warranty rates. That’s as seamless and as unknowable as it comes because the end-user has no additional costs or hassles associated with that type of quality. That’s Duncan Aviation’s style.

We all remember the kids who shoveled snow and mowed lawns. Some were sloppy, careless and left snow and ice on our driveways and crooked lines and un-mowed grass on our lawns. But some were special. They realized early in life that quality processes and doing things right the first time made customers happy and got them repeat business.


At Duncan Aviation Component Solutions, we practice a policy known as “Remarkable Touches.” What does that mean for a customer or for their bottom-line? Duncan Aviation technicians have worked on and seen so many components, they know how to add value without costing you or Duncan Aviation extra money. Haven’t you ever wondered why we have the lowest warranty rates at less than 1%? Industry standards consider less than 5% to be good. How does Duncan Aviation get warranty rates so low? Here are just a few examples.

When Duncan Aviation technicians change the brushes in a starter generator, they complete a full internal cleaning and brush run-in. This extends the life of the generator and lowers future maintenance costs.

Gyro technicians only use OEM specified equipment to overhaul gyroscope rotors. It allows them to accurately simulate actual gyro conditions, instead of just spinning them to check them. When the gyro goes back together, the air is vacuumed out and the gyro is then recharged with nitrogen. Not all shops do this, but it is the right way, the remarkable touch way, and it extends the life of the gyro.

Piece parts that follow “industry standards” are a cheap solution to repairing units, but OEM parts adhere to strict tolerances and are insisted on by Duncan Aviation. These higher quality parts are far better at keeping you from a warranty situation and sending the unit back for repair for more frustration and additional money.


Experienced technicians who are specialists in their fields know how to turn units faster, and with their historical expertise they also know which parts are “suspect.” Duncan Aviation technicians have the autonomy to replace “suspect” parts to increase the reliability of a repair or overhaul. This often saves a customer the expense of having to send the unit back for another repair that could have been avoided had these “suspect” parts been replaced. These remarkable touches help Duncan Aviation customers keep their costs low and are primary reasons Duncan Aviation enjoys its industry stature.

There are literally thousands of “Remarkable Touches” performed by Duncan Aviation technicians every day. Things like reconditioning landing gear loaded with corrosion and then resealing the gear with corrosion protection in areas other companies never think about or don’t wish to invest in further. The result is a gear that will perform better, last longer and be easier to overhaul the next time. A Duncan Aviation customer saves money because it will last longer, resulting in less downtime, less labor, less shipping, no exchange fees, no loaner or recertification fees, etc., all because Duncan Aviation took the time and effort to make the component more reliable, a remarkable touch!

Because of “Remarkable Touches,” value becomes a remarkable reality that Duncan Aviation customers count on and enjoy every day. When you get tired of overhauls and repairs that leave you less than thrilled, think about all the “Remarkable Touches” Duncan Aviation technicians perform as a matter of pride in workmanship and customer courtesy. All done just to give you added value.