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Reaching Around the World: Buy or Sell Parts with Duncan Aviation

“Our customers ship parts to us where they are physically sorted, listed on numerous parts listing services, marketed by our team of experts and stored in our warehouse until sold.”

24/7/365 service is just one reason that thousands of operators choose Duncan Aviation Components for parts and exchange services. In addition to repairs and overhauls, Duncan Aviation Components offers unique solutions for operators looking to sell excess new parts or reduce their surplus parts inventories.

Everything from accessories to avionics, instruments to propellers or even consumables, the consignment experts at Duncan Aviation help operators convert surplus parts to cash and free up storage space in their warehouses. Duncan Aviation stores consignments in an environmentally controlled warehouse, protects the consignor in the case of purchaser default and maintains insurance against casualty and subsequent loss. During the entire process, the consigner retains title of their inventory.

Duncan Aviation has the Resources

The challenge that many operators face revolves around having enough facility space to safely store surplus parts and the resources to catalog, market, sell, invoice, package and ship their surplus parts. They may know that they want to sell, but simply can’t find the space, man-power or the time to get it sold.

Bob Tooker, Duncan Aviation Consignment Expert with 37 years of aviation parts experience, explains Duncan Aviation’s unique solution. “Our customers ship parts to us where they are physically sorted, listed on numerous parts listing services, marketed by our team of experts and stored in our warehouse until sold.”

Having the part on-site means better opportunity to sell. “We have access to the part, so we can verify part numbers, take photos and physically inspect the condition of the part,” says Bob. This advantage leads to quicker sales and better support for both the consigner and buyer.

“We establish the fair market value of the asset,” explains Bob. “The value is based on the documentation provided, physical condition and the availability of the specific part in the current world market.”

Physical access also allows for overnight delivery services, something that many of our competitors cannot provide. It truly does take the parts off operators’ shelves and helps move items faster.

Proserv currently consigns more than 2.7 million dollars of inventory with Duncan Aviation. “Items will move at a quick pace,” attests Dena Wozniak, Business Manager with Proserv. Dena says that every quarter, Duncan Aviation sells a few hundred line items from their inventory, an inventory that Proserv no longer has to house.

Impressive Customer Base

At Duncan Aviation, our customer base, marketing strategies and history help parts move at a fast pace. A customer base of nearly 35,000, plus an additional 17,000 helicopter contacts through a purchased database subscription, means that if there is a buyer looking for the parts in Duncan Aviation’s inventory, they can connect.

Proserv Aviation has been consigning inventories with Duncan Aviation for nearly 10 years. “We initially chose the Duncan Aviation Consignment Program because of their large customer base,” says Dena.

And Duncan Aviation’s market reach is impressive. Parts are listed in nearly a dozen parts locator services including Parts Base, Parts Inventory Locator Service (ILS) and Controller. These lists are updated daily, creating confidence in a buyer that inventory reports are accurate.

Dieter Griesel with Piper-Germany says Duncan Aviation’s customer base extends far beyond what he can reach in Germany. “The German and European markets are small in comparison to the U.S. market,” Dieter explains. “Duncan Aviation has the opportunity and ability to sell parts that we cannot.”

“International parts shipping doesn’t have to be expensive,” says Susan Masek, Parts Expert with Duncan Aviation. The team at Duncan Aviation has international shipping experience and will work with customs agencies to minimize fees. “Before shipping a part or component in for consignment, call us to ensure part classification to minimize import delays,” says Susan.

Sell or Buy with Duncan Aviation

Whether looking to consign or looking for a scarce part, Duncan Aviation has the experience and contacts to help. Parts experts are always available to support customers around the world, locate parts and get them delivered fast.

Duncan Aviation warehouses nearly $125 million in inventory of their own and they have Rotable Managers who search daily for new inventories to purchase. Parts support offered around the clock at Duncan Aviation is comprehensive – buy, sell or consign. Our parts and components sales reps are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including all holidays.

For Dena and Dieter, consigning through Duncan Aviation has meant big things for their companies. Dieter says over the years he has enjoyed sharing in the profits of the sales of his consignment stock and says, “I could not have generated this money in sales in Europe. After many years, I find Duncan Aviation to be an excellent partner, serious and fair with everything.”

Dieter wants operators to know that through Duncan Aviation’s consignment program, operators have a chance to profit from items that they would otherwise consider scrap. Dieter’s advice, “Take your surplus inventory, put it in a box and send it to Duncan Aviation today!”