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From the Chairman, Todd Duncan


No man is an island. No business is either. As someone who thrives on personal connections and social interaction, I rejoice in that. I love people. I enjoy talking with them, hearing their stories and making connections.

Those connections are vital in all aspects of our business and all Duncan Aviation team members work hard to preserve and deepen their relationships at work. As a result, we all develop a complicated web of acquaintances, associates and friends that helps to strengthen our industry. This web includes important relationship strings.


Of course, our relationships with our customers are crucial. After all, by allowing us to work on their aircraft and support them in their service needs, they literally trust us with their lives as well as their livelihoods.

Partners, Vendors, OEMs

Our relationships with partners, vendors and the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of our industry are also critical. We simply cannot provide our mutual customers with the best possible service and quality without the support of industry partners.

Industry Organizations

Organized groups of companies reliant upon business aviation, typically coordinated through the various "alphabet organizations," also provide relationship opportunities that help to improve the industry and better serve our customers through collaboration and open discussion.

Team Members

Then there's our relationships with our other Duncan Aviation team members. These connections create our company culture, our business success, our customer service and to some degree the individual satisfaction and happiness of our 2,150 team members.

Building Those Relationships

There are lots of characteristics that help to develop, strengthen and sustain good, healthy working relationships. The most important of these are trust, respect, accountability and communication. Those are the things we work to provide in all of our relationships.

In this issue of the Duncan Debrief, we take a closer look at our industry relationships and just how wide a net this relationship web casts.