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«Spring 2015

Goodbye, Blues

Fresh out of pre-purchase, this Gulfstream V needed a makeover to breathe life into a dark interior. The deep blue and gray chairs and carpet made this large 13-passenger cabin feel dated and constrained. The customer's expectations were clear. Clean it up. Lighten it up. Open it up.

Light shades of crème and subtly textured chenille replaced the existing upholstery on all the chairs and divan. The new color was carried to the main cabin headliner, window and valance panels to make the cabin feel more spacious. Embossed Townsend leather was applied to the lower sidewalls, which created a visually stunning seating area. The new brightened upper cabin and upholstery contrasted nicely against the dark veneer and elegantly pinstriped carpet. Additional amenities include made-to-fit drawer inserts for the galley, Gogo® Biz and complete exterior paint.