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Flight Department Fleet Planning and Year-End Transactions

July 2022

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Although summer has only just begun, the longest day of the year, the June 21st Summer Solstice, reminds us that we are already more than halfway through the year. Year-end is always on the minds of ultra-high net worth individuals, senior executives, and those who closely support them. Strategic planning ensures thoughtful consideration of the many factors associated with the purchase or disposition of high-value assets. Aircraft transactions fall into that category and require the same careful execution.  

In the not-so-distant past, an initial purchase or a change in the size or makeup of a flight department or fleet could be accomplished relatively quickly. According to Ann Pollard, a Duncan Aviation Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions Team member, “A successful aircraft transaction now requires more time to complete. Inventories continue to be tight, and pre-purchase evaluations are more difficult to schedule, with most shops experiencing backlogs around the country. Flight department staffing is also more challenging, which translates to longer lead times to identify, hire and train qualified personnel. If a year-end transaction is desired, it should already be underway or getting started as soon as possible.” 

Whether you are considering a year-end transaction, contemplating future fleet planning strategies, exploring the performance and operating costs of different aircraft models, or simply looking for insights into the current market, Duncan Aviation’s Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions department is ready to assist. 

To learn more about Duncan Aviation Aircraft Sales, visit www.DuncanAviation.aero/services/aircraft-sales or contact our team today: aircraftsales@duncanaviation.com. 


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