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Important Considerations When Navigating A Private Aircraft Purchase or Sale

June 2024


The unique nature of aircraft as long-range mobile assets, the FAA and IRS regulations that govern their safe use and operation, the global marketplace within which they operate, and the tremendous business and lifestyle benefits they offer present inherent and multifaceted complexities to their ownership and/or transfer of ownership. The list below details a few aspects of an aircraft asset that are analyzed to varying degrees in every business jet transaction:

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  • Airframe, Engine, Landing Gear Maintenance Status and Schedules
  • Avionics Mandates and Obsolescence
  • Logbooks and Technical History
  • Life-Limited Parts, Airworthiness Directives and Service Bulletins
  • Paint/Interior Condition
  • Registration and STC Compliance (FAA, EASA, etc.)
  • Pedigree
  • Market Value
  • Accounting/Legal/Tax Considerations
  • Ownership Entity/ Operating Structure
  • Management Companies
  • Flight Crews/ Flight Department Staffing
  • Operating Requirements/Costs/ Budgets

Beyond the physical appearance of every business aircraft is an ensemble of industry participants specializing in the individual complexities of the asset and when that asset changes ownership, whether it be through the lens of an acquisition or a sale, a professional aircraft sales representative acts as the conductor, orchestrating each facet of complexity into a harmonious transaction.

The Duncan Aviation Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions Team compiled some of their expertise to prepare this Straight Talk book, which explores important considerations when navigating the pre-owned aircraft marketplace.

Read the Straight Talk about Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions here

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