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Duncan Aviation and KGB Aviation Solutions Offer New FDR and CVR Service

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LINCOLN, NEB —Duncan Aviation and KGB Aviation Solutions are pleased to announce that the two companies have teamed up to provide a new data analysis service for Flight Data Recorders (FDRs) and Cockpit Voice Recorders (CVRs). For years, KGB has been manufacturing equipment that downloads data from most FDRs, analyzes it, and provides a comprehensive report of the anomalies found. Duncan Aviation has acquired the necessary equipment and will now be using the new, streamlined KGB Aviation Solutions Data Acquisition Retrieval Tool (DART) in order to provide this necessary service to its customers.

"We believe that flight data and the integrity of that data is the next significant advancement in business aviation,” said Manager of Satellite Operations Matt Nelson. “Beyond complying with various regulations and requirements from Safety Management Systems, insurance carriers and OEM programs will require that the data from on-board systems have the highest level of integrity."

Vice President of KGB Aviation Kevin G. Balys agrees with Nelson’s assessment and adds that the relationship between the two companies benefits operators by providing an efficient method of retrieving recorder data.

“Using our state-of-the-art DART to effortlessly transfer the data and provide technical service will leverage the strengths of both campanies,” said Balys.

Avionics Team Leader Luke Bozetarnik at Duncan Aviation’s Teterboro, New Jersey, Satellite Shop, has worked with long-time customer Aircraft Maintenance Supervisor Bill Dunne for years, and they’ve used KGB Aviation’s download service for both FDRs and CVRs.

“Recently, Luke asked me why I specifically request KGB when my work involves an FDR or CVR, and my three-part answer is simple: Equipment, Answers and Urgency,” says Dunne. “Never have we been unable to procure the required equipment for a download. Whether the interrogation was being performed routinely or for troubleshooting purposes, we were able to accomplish the task on schedule. On the occasions where answers were needed regarding a FDR download, Kevin has shared, without hesitation, his knowledge of how certain manufacturers accomplish individual recording parameters versus the FAA and EASA regulations. Finally, I have never had to wait for results or answers of any kind. I have no idea how KGB manages to process the amount of data that they do and yet maintain such a positive customer experience, but I’m glad they do!”

Using the DART, Duncan Aviation will now offer the download and data analysis services to all of its customers at its full-service facilities (Battle Creek, Michigan; Lincoln, Nebraska and Provo, Utah) and most of its 27 Satellite Avionics Shops located throughout the United States. Taking advantage of KGB’s web portal, encrypted data automatically and securely transfers from the DART to KGB Aviation for analysis.

Once analyzed, KGB Aviation sends the reports to the Duncan Aviation team to share with customers. Based on the results of the analysis, Duncan Aviation’s technicians are able to help troubleshoot and fix any of the anomalies mentioned in the report. The reports provide insight into the integrity of the FDR and CVR systems’ recording abilities, and data is presented in accordance with whatever rules the customer is flying under, such as Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) 91 or 135, Canadian Aviation Regulation (CAR) 625, European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and more.

“KGB Aviation’s goals are to convert the data into engineering units, generate a list of recorded parameters for the customers, and provide a report clearly stating if the recording system meets requirements. When I was an FAA inspector, I realized data reviews needed to be organized in accordance with the rules the operator is flying under. Data is then converted into a comprehensive review of the recording system, spelling out deficiencies. We provide guidance on potential causes and remedies for the deficiencies based on our experience with the recorder and airframe,” says Bayls.

For more information about the new KGB data download service, please contact the Duncan Aviation Satellite Shop nearest you (https://duncanaviation.aero/locations/#satellites) or a full-service Duncan Aviation facility (https://duncanaviation.aero/locations/#fullservice).

About KGB Aviation Solutions

KGB Aviation Solutions LLC specializes in data analysis for FDRs and CVRs. In-house software is used to analyze the data and provide comprehensive reports. The reports are tailored to match the requirements of the customer, allowing regulatory inspectors to easily confirm compliance. KGB Aviation has been investing in our in-house software for data analysis, tooling (DART), and decoding datalink messages (FANS/CPDLC). Our custom software can decode datalink messages from multiple CMU OEMs including Universal (801), Honeywell (Mark II, MARK III and the new Mark II+). The software supports GFI 2, GFI 3 formats. CPDLC, ADS-C, ATN, AFN and bit orientated messages. Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive data analysis service, modern tools (DART) and comprehensive software.


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